About Us

In 2003, the brothers opened the Grant Brothers Boxing Gym to train and develop their own stable of boxers. A stable of fighters that has included rising stars, accomplished professional boxers, and world champions have been under the wings of the Grant Brothers. Howard and Otis have outstanding expertise and helped train many athletes who have reached the highest peaks of the sport.

Our atheltes include World champions and top contenders such as; Joachim Alcine, Adonis Stevenson, Lucien Bute, Librado Andrade and UFC fighters such as World Champion Georges St. Pierre. Acclaimed UFC legends such as Davia Loiseau, Patrick Cote, Rory McDonald, and many others.

For some time, the Grant Brothers considered the idea of embarking on the adventure of the promotion and organizing their own professional boxing events as getting their boxers on other professional cards locally became increasingly difficult.

The promotion came to be with the help of a friend and successful businessman Mr. Eric Kerub, a local Montrealer who had the business expertise and financial resources to get the project up and running. With his help in November 2013, the team had its first Gala at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire. It was an immediate success and became the go to platform for up-and-coming fighters from Montreal looking to make in the world of professional boxing.  Soon after Rixa Promotions was formed and partnered with the Grant Brothers Howard and Otis to bring on board the professional boxing events and promotions that were missing from the equation.

With their expertise in training and managing boxers out of the Grant Brothers Boxing gym and with the partnership with Rixa Promotions; the Grant Brothers and their associates were now able to offer a full package to any up and coming boxer that has aspirations of making it in the world of professional boxing.

Howard Grant

The esteemed Howard Grant “the snake” a Canadian boxer whose impact resonates within the realms of pugilistic greatness. Jamaican born and raised in Montreal, Howard Grant’s journey in the boxing world is marked by extraordinary achievements and a commitment to the science of fighting. Howard had a professional record of 16-2-1 and was the Canadian lightweight champion. However, as an amateur he was one of the most prolific amateurs on the Canadian national team with six national championships and multiple international medals for his country between 1983 and 1988. Accolades include gold medal at Canada games, bronze at the world junior championships. He was a silver medalist at 1986 World Amateur Boxing Championships, Gold medalist at 1986 Commonwealth Games, Gold medalist at the 1987 President’s cup in Indonesia, Gold medalist at the 1987 & 1988 Albena Box Cup in Bulgaria and represented Canada at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. A true Canadian sports icon, Howard has not only secured notable titles in his illustrious career but has also become a revered figure in the global boxing community.

Otis Grant

The legacy of Otis Grant “magic”, a Canadian boxing legend echoes through the corridors of pugilistic excellence. Born in Jamaica but growing up in Montreal, Otis Grant carved his path with a remarkable career marked by triumphs in various weight classes. He has many impressive titles and accolades, including capturing the WBO middleweight title in 1997 and boasting a remarkable 38-3-1 record, making him a respected figure in the international boxing community. Otis was also a member of the Canadian national team from 1984 to 1988. He was a silver medalist at the Pan American Games in 1987 and brought home medals from numerous international tournaments in which he participated for his country. Beyond the ring, Otis stands as a mentor, motivator and a pilar in his community through his work with the Otis Grant & Friends Foundation.

Our Goals

At Grant Brothers Boxing Company, we are driven by a vision that goes beyond the confines of the ring. Our primary goal is to provide not only top-tier boxing training but to foster a sense of community, inclusivity, and generosity. Inspired by the legacy of champions Otis and Howard Grant, our commitment is to harness generosity by actively engaging in community outreach and youth development initiatives; second, to ensure that our transformative training is accessible to everyone through fair and affordable pricing. We aspire to build a thriving community where the spirit of the Grant brothers lives on, creating a space where individuals of all backgrounds can discover their strength and resilience while forging lasting connections within the shared passion for the sport. Join us on this journey at Grant Brothers Boxing Company, where excellence, inclusivity, and community impact converge in every jab, hook, and cross.